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The Center is authorized by the internal revenue service as tax exempt charitable organization.
To assist professional athletes effectively use charitable foundations in entrepreneurial ventures with
transformative effects on communities, the Center activities include the following:

1. Publishing a Guide Book for Foundation Managers to help them navigate complex tax exemption

issues in layperson terms.

2. Establishing a list of charitable projects that qualify as highly valued and safe for investment

without inordinate risk of losing tax exempt status for the foundation.

3. Providing ongoing research of current player perspectives regarding charitable activity so we can

better know how to help them maintain and evolve their foundations.

4. Providing legal audit services.

5. Providing Top 10 New Age Athlete Foundation Awards so that winning player foundations receive

donated professional services from a pool of experts.

6. Developing programming content for television stations and related media outlets showcasing the

value added contributions of the foundations.

We hope you join in this effort as a donor, contributor of services, or the foundation manager who is the
direct line beneficiary of our services.