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Foundation members can chat online or tweet about common issues and positive aspects of your
respective charitable projects. Also send video clips.

You will be able to explore investment opportunities that qualify for foundations and for potential joint
ventures with for-profit entities. This may include financing assistance for minority automobile dealers,
movies that use minority community resources, etc.

Please respond the following questions if you would like to enter the competition for Player Foundation of
the Year Award:

Which of the following services are you interested in receiving:

1. A list of charitable projects that qualify as highly valued and safe for investment without inordinate

risk of losing tax exempt status for the foundation.

2. Participation in the research of current player perspectives regarding charitable activity so we can

better know how to help them maintain and evolve their foundations.

3. Legal audit services.

4. Contributing audio visual clips for programming content for television stations and related media

outlets showcasing the value added contributions of the foundations.