Race As A Factor In The Media Portrayal Of LeBron James PDF Print E-mail
Written by Roger M. Groves   

I recently posted “The Demonization of LeBron James.”  The total post was just over 2,140 words. Buried in the third to the last paragraph was exactly five short sentences (less than 5 percent of the total) that involved my perception of a racial aspect to this controversy. I said:

“And I wonder whether there is another dynamic from this demonization that is taboo to discuss in mainstream America. I suspect there are some hate-speakers with social baggage. There is overwhelming support for LeBron from African Americans not living in Miami from my unscientific polling. They expressed a cultural compassion not shared by the national media. That media of reporters and sportscasters is over 97% white as are the majority of fans in America. They apparently see the same events quite differently in emphasis and expectation.”

Buckeye Nation Will Be Disappointed With Their Next Football Coach PDF Print E-mail
Written by Roger M. Groves   

My guess is that most rabid OSU fans expect Jim Tressel’s replacement will be a big name coach, a proven winner, with a long track record of success at the highest level programs among top level competition. And particularly, they expect someone who is squeaky clean. The administration is likely to quickly accommodate the last request to show they have learned from the past mistake in institutional control.

Now just think about who meets the above criteria? Let’s start with the well-established coach with a stellar record over several years. How many of them have a squeaky clean program without somewhere in his history, having players with problems with the law, the “other law” – the NCAA. How many of these coaches avoided having a few players out of 100 on the roster that at least had charges and allegations of battery by a girlfriend, sexual assault by someone who rejected them, or driving drunk while on the way to see the battered sexual assault victim? How many had players who never even drove to those disasters, but instead sat in the car with open alcohol, also a misdemeanor?  Or maybe someone who is just an irresponsible driver not named Pryor, legally receives a car, but fails to show police proof of insurance while driving 90 mph, and has a license suspension. The coach that never had those types of problems narrows the list significantly. You can already scratch the much-coveted Urban Meyer who had more players with criminal records than All-Americans in recent years at Florida.


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